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The Swiss Replica Brand's collections consist of a stunningly diverse choice of wristwatches, consuming everything from transparent tourbillons and baguette movements to regatta chronographs and coin timepieces. Corum is a curiosity cabinet truly worth digging directly into. Corum Replica Wristwatches was founded in 1955 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the birth place of Swiss horology, by watch-maker Gaston Ries and his nephew Rene Bannwart, who had trained at Patek Philippe together with Omega. What commenced as another by the books Swiss watch-making story promptly evolved as the duo designed delightfully forward-looking watches and developed a track record of being timepiece trendsetters . For instance, when the company had not delivered more than enough dials to be ready for the 1958 Basel Watch Fair, the duo replaced the absent dials with basic gold plates automatically inventing wristwatches without having hour markers about the dial. A few years later on, Corum had a hit by riding the coin-watch trend with the American Double Eagle, a model using a dial built from a $20 yellow metal coin. In the 1980s, the business revealed two drastically different types: the Replica Admiral's Cup, a sport writst watch intended as a tribute towards the race of the same name; and the Golden Bridge, a progressive timepiece whose miniature baguette movement, vertically suspended in a transparent case, was designed by Vincent Calabrese

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