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The Glashutte Look-alike Unique manufacture once were subsumed in the VEB Glashutter Uhrenbetriebe, several Fake Glashutte watchmakers and vendors who have been collectivized included in the former East German system. After reunification, the company took up its old moniker of Glashutte Original, and in 1995, the manufacture released an entirely completely new collection. Later, it invested in the Union Glashutte manufacturer. In 2000, the manufacture was sold to the Swiss Swatch Group, which spent a sizeable quantity in production space expansion at Glashutte Original Headquarters. All movements are designed with a team of experienced in-house engineers, while the components comprising them with very few conditions - including plates, screws, pinions, wheels, levers, spring barrels, balance wheels, and tourbillon cages are set up in very modern manufacturing areas. These items are extravagantly polished off by hand before being pulled together by a group of talented watchmakers. In March 2011, the corporation won the Watch of the Year Award presented from the German-language wristwatch industry publication Armbanduhren for just one of its latest creations, the Senator Chronometer. It is a large and elegant watch within a classic design. Additionally they provides second and minute hands that automatically jump to zero if the crown is removed, permitting extremely exact time setting.

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